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Transaction Fee: Yes
Format: Client Purchase
ProRFx ID: RFP12211800000258
Solicitation No: RFP# CMO/180263
ProRFx Type: RFP: Services
Listing Category: [73131502] Wine processing services
[73131503] Brewery processing services
[84100000] Development finance
[90101500] Eating and drinking establish... MORE
[93142000] Urban development
Bid Name: Mixed-Use Development of a Microbre... MORE

Scope of Work:

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to select a highly-qualified developer to remodel an existing, recently-retired 8,276 square foot fire station on approximately 1 acre into a first-class manufacturing microbrewery, micro-winery or micro-distillery with food, retail, entertainment and outdoor amenities. The caliber of this development, as... VIEW ALL

Scope of Work

Listing Image: Fire Station_a4c9a998.jpg (JPG, 621 KB)
Industry Type: City and town managers' offices
Contact Name: Ms. Corrin Fitsemons
Contact Email: cmfitsemons@ocalafl.org
Contact Phone: (352) 629-8364
Ship to Location: 110 SE Watula Avenue
Address1: 110 SE Watula Avenue
Address2: CITY HALL
City: Ocala State: FL Zip/Postal: 34471
Listing Class.: RFP Request For Proposal
Listing Start Date: 12/21/2018 1:03:30 PM EST
Listing Ends After: End Date/Time reached
Listing End Date: 3/29/2019 2:00:00 PM EST
Bid Closes: 3/29/2019 2:00:00 PM EST



  1. Exhibit A-Midtown Lo... MORE (595.4 KB - PDF)
  2. Exhibit B-2017 Midto... MORE (84.03 MB - PDF)
  3. Exhibit C-2004 Downt... MORE (10.98 MB - PDF)
  4. Exhibit D-2010 Ocala... MORE (7.53 MB - PDF)
  5. Exhibit E-Vision-Bas... MORE (19.73 MB - PDF)
  6. Exhibit F-Form-based... MORE (14.89 MB - PDF)
  7. Exhibit G-2010 Downt... MORE (12.99 MB - PDF)
  8. Exhibit H-2013 Gibbs... MORE (2.91 MB - PDF)
  9. Exhibit I-Map of Nea... MORE (1.25 MB - PDF)
  10. Exhibit J-Catalytic ... MORE (1.41 MB - PDF)
  11. Exhibit K-Phase I ES... MORE (46.50 MB - PDF)
  12. Exhibit L-Boundary a... MORE (1.71 MB - PDF)
  13. Exhibit M-Fire Stati... MORE (4.87 MB - PDF)
  14. Pre-Proposal Sign-in... MORE (1.04 MB - PDF)
  15. Exhibit N-Site Plans (4.56 MB - PDF)
  16. Request for Proposal... MORE (1.25 MB - PDF)

Formal Question Due By:

3/27/2019 @ 5:00 PM EST

Pre-Bid Meeting Exists: Updated

Mandatory: Yes
Date: 3/5/2019 10:00:00 AM EST
Location Name: Growth Management Training Room
Address1: Customer Service Center
Address2: 201 SE 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
City, State, ZIP: Ocala, FL, 34471
Room Number:

Addendum Exists!

  1. Addendum 1 (245.9 KB - PDF)
  2. Addendum 2 (255.4 KB - PDF)
  3. Addendum 3 (216.8 KB - PDF)

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