Are There Any Fees?

In order to provide the best possible value with the least amount of financial impact to the Client, Vendor, and Taxpayer, WorldERP™ offers several different acquisition models of ProRFx® to best align with the Client and community demographics.

In addition to no registration or membership fees, the following Vendor/Contractor benefits are available to without charge:

  • Searching and Viewing opportunities within ProRFx®
  • Receiving email notification of opportunities and meetings
  • Receiving mobile text message notification of opportunities and meetings
  • Participation within the WorldERP™ Vendor Network
  • Uploading service/goods catalogs to improve Sales Performance

In some cases, as with eVA and other public sector websites, a Transaction Fee may apply to provide funding for the Client’s use of the electronic procurement system.

To determine if there are any fees associated with a listing, view the listing in ProRFx® and look for the field called “Transaction Fee” on the left panel.

  • If set to “No”, there are no fees associated with bidding or the award of the listing. This is because the Client is paying for the use of the system.
  • If set to “Yes”, you will notice the “Yes” is a hyperlink. Clicking the “Yes” hyperlink displays the fees associated with bidding on the listing. Depending on Client and community demographics, the Transaction Fee may vary.

WARNING: Failure to pay any/all required fees may result in immediate account suspension!